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Sep 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
outside the mausoleum of yasir arafat as the current president abbas addresses the united nations. i will be examining whether the palestinians are any closer to achieving their dream of a state. that is a report here on bbc world news on the west bank. >> in austria, the hills are alive with people learning to yodel. the hiking trail recently opened in the west of the country with audio recordings and signs. >> if you have always wanted secretly yodel but were to the bears to let loose tri a high. a new trail in tirol offers tips and lessons. to thousand feet above sea level. >> you can do it on your own -- in pairs or in a group. on top of that, you can enjoy a heights against this incredible background and with this piece of you. i personally always find it easier to yodel -- these cries of joy, when i am up in the mountains. >> along the trail, signs and posts with audio recordings of yodelling. you press the button and sing- along. >> it is liberating, it it opens the soul. it is great, just great. it does the heart and soul a world of good. >> yodeling was originally used by --
Sep 14, 2012 5:00pm EDT
was yasir arafat. under him with the help with my muslim brothers we were young to give them explosives my first mission was very, very good. you see, they didn't think that children could do such a thing. we took advantage of them. the second journey as a recruiter ivies recruited my next-door neighbor and told his mom i will bring him back home alive. i made a promise. but that day they were waiting for us. this is when the blood of children was mixed together as we were trying to run so they could put these belts on the belly of the ship and take them inside israel. that day they shot us with everything and he fell down to the ground. i carried him and i'm trying how my guinn to tell his mom? when his mom talked to me he said where is mohammed? i said he is with allah celebrating in a host of heaven. now he can go to paradise without judgment because he became for given as a messiah. he is being led by allah and with every version there are 72 other versions. mohammed is in a good place. she put her hands to her lips and shouted with a shout. she celebrated her son's weddi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2